Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Policies and procedures

Develop and implement Supply Chain Management Policies and procedures which are aligned to PPPFA and all other relevant legislation.

Effective internal controls

Develop and implement an effective internal control framework and a client oriented procurement management system.

Contract management and administration

Provide guidance on contract management and administration in compliance with Procurement Policy and Procedures when required.

Bid evaluation

Conducting bid evaluation for the Client which entails, Pre compliance, Technical evaluation and calculating Pricing and B-BBEE

Compliance with PFMA/MFMA

Ensure full compliance of procurement activities with PFMA/MFMA rules, regulations, policies and strategies.

Briefing sessions

Observe or review entities briefing sessions / pre-bid meetings with interested bidders to ensure complete understanding of the bidding process or documentation.

Maintaining an effective network

Develop and maintain an effective network with Provincial Treasury and other relevant procurement counterpart working on specialised procurement activities, i.e. Probity Audits;

Online verification of bidders

Accessing various websites to check bidders registration status on such i.e. CIDB or CESA

Progress Monitoring

Creating and updating a dashboard for clients to indicate the status of the bids to monitor progress and provide accurate progress report to the client where there is a backlog on bids.

Compliance with Treasury Regulations

Observe or review entities compliance with Treasury Regulations, Practice notes requirements on sourcing strategies, procurement plans, evaluation processes and adjudication.

Respondse to SCM related queries

Assist entities to respond to all SCM related queries from both internal and external stakeholders.

Policy interpretion

Support entities in understanding and interpreting the policy and in preparation of qualitative evaluation reports.

Report Presentation

Presentation of reports to Bid Evaluation Committee with recommendations of either awards or cancellation of the bid.

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